RMC Alumni

Welcome RMC Alumni!

These RMC Alumni pages are our way to stay in touch as a group. If you've ever wondered what a fellow RMC alum was up to, since your days together on trail crew or as a caretaker, now you can find out. We hope this corner of the RMC web site will be a great way to reconnect with old friends and stay involved with our club.

The RMC Centennial trail crew and caretaker reunion demonstrated the strong bond that exists between RMC's employees and the club. Maintaining and strengthening that connection is beneficial to both groups. We invite all past RMC Trail Crew, Caretakers, Field Supervisors, and members of the Board of Directors to help us build a great new online community!

Please send a photo, a short bio, and any news that you would like to share with the other RMC Alumni to webmaster@randolphmountainclub.org. We will continue to develop and add to this page in the future, so check back regularly and don't hesitate to share your ideas.

Doug Mayer
Crag Camp '87

Jeff Smith
Crag Camp, '98, '99

 RMC Alumni Bios
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