RMC's Trail Crew

If you enjoy hard work and camraderie in the outdoors, and want to give something back to the White Mountains, the RMC's Trail Crew is a great opportunity!

Each summer, the RMC hires eight crew members to maintain the club's 102 miles of trails in the Northern Presidentials and the Crescent Range. After two to three weeks of patrolling of trails to remove blowdowns and clean drainages, the crew is split, and two groups of four to work on major erosion control projects. Crew members rotate through the projects, so they have variety during the course of the summer.

RMC's crews work under demanding backcountry situations. Our crews work a five day week, regardless of weather conditions, except during severe storms. Work sites are often remote, with extended periods of camping. Periodically, the crew will use one of the RMC's four shelters while working on a project.

The crews are responsible for accomplishing a wide variety of work on all of RMC's trails, including:

- Patrolling with axes and chainsaws to clear blowdowns on all of RMC's trails.
- Cleaning waterbars and ditches.
- Basic maintenance, including brushing, blazing and construction of rock cairns above treeline.
- Advanced, erosion control projects including installation of rock steps, waterbars, step stones, ditching, and bog bridges. Worked is accomplished to US Forest Service and State of New Hampshire Bureau of Trails work standards.

Housing is provided at no cost, at RMC's new valley facility for trail crews and caretakers, Stearns Lodge.

RMC's crew members each have their own, semi-permanent canvas tent, on a tent platform, on the Lodge grounds. Stearns Lodge provides cooking, dining and bathroom facilities. During many work weeks, however, the crews camp in the woods, hiking to the work site on Monday morning, and returning mid-day on Friday. Friday afternoons are spent maintaining tools, and preparing for the following week.

We welcome all applications, regardless of your prior trail work or background experience.

Please complete the application form and e-mail it to: Bob Drescher & Benzo Harris, or print out the application and mail the completed form to:
Bob Drescher and Benzo Harris
RMC Trails Co-Chairs
P.O. Box 279
Gorham, NH  03581

Interviews take place in the Northern White Mountains, or by phone. Typically, most interviews are scheduled between December 15 and February 1. Crew members are hired on a rolling basis, so early applications are encouraged.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Randolph Mountain Club is a diverse organization, committed to equal opportunity in employment and program delivery. The Randolph Mountain Club prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, political affiliation and familial status.

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