Randolph Mountain Club
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Board of Directors 2001-2002

Mike Pelchat, President              Michele Cormier                        Chris Lake
Bill Arnold              Ben Einsenburg                        Steve Maddock
Steve Bailey              John Eusden                        Jon Martinson
Laura Brockett              David Forsyth                        Sally Penrose
Mary Brown              Tammy Hartley                        Jeff Smith

April 21, 2002

Dear RMC members,

I hope this dues/fundraising letter finds you happy, healthy and planning numerous spring projects. Your mountain club is also forging ahead with numerous trails & camps projects planned for the short mountain work season ahead. However, your club needs fuel to complete these projects, financial fuel. The Randolph Mountain Club's members seem to have boundless energy, enthusiasm and volunteer work spirit - it's the hard cash we need to make trails & camps improvement projects a reality. For this year's work season as well as the future. Please consider making a tax deductible donation to the RMC to help keep your club's momentum going.

Trails Update - Doug Mayer

On the trails front, your club has put together another spirited and enthusiastic trail crew for 2002. This summer, thanks to the generosity of members and a New Hampshire Recreation Trails Program grant, we are able to accomplish the long-desired goal of adding an additional position to our Senior Crew, bringing that crew to the "full strength" of five members. The senior crew and first year crew will be hard at work on a variety of important projects, which will take them from Mossy Glen to the summit of Adams, Ice Gulch Path to the Emerald Trail - and countless trails in between.

Volunteer work trips are now being organized for the summer. For those of you who haven't been out on one, they're a great way to meet other RMC members, and lend a hand keeping our trails open and in fine shape. The work trip season gets underway with National Trails Day, on Saturday, June 1 at 8:00 am at the RMC Goetze Trails Workshop. RMC members will be joined by a staff member from New Hampshire Public Radio, for brushing on the Inlook Trail. For directions and more details, visit the RMC web site. If the club receives permission from the Forest Service in time, we'll also hold several volunteer work trips to start clearing the new Pond of Safety trails which pass through the Randolph Town Forest. Stay tuned!

Camps - Jeff Smith

Cindy Drake is up at Gray Knob caretaking this spring, while Steve Kehler finished up his winter caretaking stint at the end of March. Roz Stever will be returning to Crag Camp this summer. We are currently in the process of hiring a second summer caretaker for Gray Knob.

Beginning last December, overnight fees were increased to $10 per person, per night at Gray Knob and Crag Camp. This small increase was needed to help support future projects around the camps, and to continue to support the caretakers' wages. The overnight fees for The Perch and Log Cabin are still $5 per person, per night. [Webmaster's Note: Overnight fees in 2011 are now $13 a night for Gray Knob and Crag Camp, $7 for The Perch and Log Cabin.]

Our major project planned for 2002 is the re-building of the four tent platforms at The Perch. Our plan is to pre-cut all the lumber in the valley and helicopter the materials to The Perch where we'll have volunteers help with the construction. This is a project that will require over $5,000 in extra funding from the Club as well as from the camp fee increase. The original Perch tent platform construction was funded with donations in memory of past RMC caretaker Ben Campbell.

Web Site - Jeff Smith

Site use is up 30% from a year ago. Our weather/trails conditions page is still the most popular, with well over 100 hits every Thursday and Friday when the conditions are updated. The photo gallery continues to grow - we have now collected 141 photos. Our last trail sign auction ended on March 1st with a total of $877 in bids! Another auction will begin this spring/summer. 100% of the money collected goes directly to RMC trails maintenance. Use the web site to get club information, sign up new members, and order RMC maps, guides, shirts, hats and the new club stickers!

Many thanks for your ongoing support to the Randolph Mountain Club.


Michael M. Pelchat
RMC President