The Log Cabin

The Log Cabin is a low elevation shelter perfect for families with young children or hikers making a late day start.A three sided shelter, the Log Cabin is located at 3,263 feet on Lowe's Path, 2.5 miles from Lowe's Store. Located at a lower elevation than the other RMC camps, the Log Cabin is well suited to families with young children and to hikers making a late in the day start.

The new Log Cabin is modeled after an Alaskan trapper style building. Built in 1985, it is the third building on this site, the first building being a bark shelter built in 1876 by Dr. W.G. Nowell and Charles E. Lowe as they were cutting Lowe's Path. The new structure is dedicated to John H. Boothman, Jr., for many years a Randolph resident, trapper, guide and hotel owner.

The caretaker will visit on Saturday nights and holidays, and on many other evenings. In the event that the caretaker does not visit, please use the envelopes provided to mail your overnight fee to the RMC. Canadian money is not accepted at any of our facilities, please plan ahead and carry U.S. funds.

The Log Cabin has overnight room for 10 guests.

No reservations are accepted, and usage is on a first come, first-served basis. At times when the Log Cabin is full, the RMC caretaker may ask some guests to relocate to another RMC facility.

There are no mattresses or cooking supplies at the Log Cabin. Water is available just outside the cabin. An outhouse is located approximately 100 yards north, along the Log Cabin Cutoff.

To maintain the purity of the water supply for future campers, RMC asks that you wash all dishes in the washpit, located between the Log Cabin and the outhouse. Please pack out food scraps.

There are no open fires permitted at the Log Cabin.

Because of the heavy use the area receives, the Log Cabin is located within a Forest Protection Area. There is no camping permitted within a quarter mile of the cabin. Campers should be aware that, because of unsuitable terrain and vegetation, it will be necessary to travel more than one quarter mile to find a suitable camping location. To protect this fragile area from overuse, U.S. Forest Service backcountry patrollers routinely check the area for illegal camping. Please refer to the White Mountain National Forest Home Page for more information about Forest Protection Areas.

Please see the RMC's general guidelines for further information.

  New Overnight Fee Structure - Effective April 1, 2018  
  Members Non-Members  
  Gray Knob $15.00 $25.00  
  Crag Camp $15.00 $25.00  
  The Perch $8.00 $15.00  
  Log Cabin $8.00 $15.00  
  Day-Use at All Shelters Free Free  

Where is the Log Cabin?


Log Cabin Stats

Year Built and Owner: 1889 by William Gray Nowell
Average Number of Overnight Guests: 166 (per year)
GPS Coordinates: N44.34030 W71.31538
Last Year of Original Structure:
1985 (replaced)
Cost of Construction:
$3,926 (in 1985)
First Composting Toilet:
Overnight Guest Capacity:

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