The Perch

The Perch's lean-to shelter, shown with restoration work done in 2010.Located at 4,313 feet, near treeline in Cascade Ravine, RMC's The Perch consists of a lean-to, and four tent platforms. It is located on The Perch Path, a few hundred yards from both the Israel Ridge Path and Randolph Path.

Originally consisting of a birch bark building, built by J. Rayner Edmands in 1892, The Perch was once the highest of a series of shelters in Cascade Ravine, which included Cliff Shelter and Cascade Camp. The original Perch was completely destroyed by the hurricane of September, 1938. The Perch was rebuilt on its original site, in 1948. The construction was supervised by the RMC's Klaus Goetze, and the new facility was dedicated to Louis Fayerweather Cutter. It has since been renovated several times.

The current lean-to accommodates 8 persons. Both lean-to and tent platforms are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The RMC caretaker visits the Perch every evening to collect fees. Overnight guests must have money with them to pay for their stay at Gray Knob, Crag Camp and/or The Perch. People without money will be directed to stay at The Log Cabin and still receive a receipt to mail in their fee for that facility. The caretakers can accept cash and credit cards. Canadian money is not accepted at any of our facilities, please plan ahead and carry U.S. funds.

A Bio-Sun, continuous composting toilet, with a liquid filtration system, was installed at The Perch in 1997.

Water is available from Cascade Brook, which crosses The Perch Path approximately 50 yards east of the Perch lean-to.

To maintain the purity of the water supply for future campers, the RMC asks that you wash all dishes in the washpit, located between the lean-to and tent platforms. Please pack out food scraps.

There are no open fires permitted at The Perch.

The Perch is a popular location, particularly with groups. Be prepared with alternate plans, if you are arriving late on a Friday or Saturday evening, or are visiting during a long weekend.

Because of the heavy use the area receives, and its proximity to treeline, The Perch is located within a Forest Protection Area. There is no camping permitted within a quarter mile of the lean-to. Campers should be aware that, because of unsuitable terrain and vegetation, it will be necessary to travel more than one quarter mile to find a suitable camping location. To protect this fragile area from overuse, U.S. Forest Service backcountry patrollers routinely check the area for illegal camping. Please refer to the White Mountain National Forest Home Page for more information about Forest Protection Areas.

Please see the RMC's general guidelines for further information.

  New Overnight Fee Structure - Effective April 1, 2018  
  Members Non-Members  
  Gray Knob $15.00 $25.00  
  Crag Camp $15.00 $25.00  
  The Perch $8.00 $15.00  
  Log Cabin $8.00 $15.00  
  Day-Use at All Shelters Free Free  

Where is The Perch?


The Perch Stats

Year Built and Owner: 1890 by J. Rayner Edmands
Average Number of Overnight Guests: 807 (per year)
GPS Coordinates: N44.32392 W71.31205
Last Year of Original Structure:
1938 (hurricane)
Completion of the new Perch:
July 14, 1948
Cost of Construction:
$818 (in 1948)
First Composting Toilet:
Overnight Guest Capacity:
8 (lean-to)

Two of the four tent platforms at The Perch.

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